Fast, flexible and Shariah-compiliant.

Upfront powers the growth of SMEs in the GCC with lightning-fast, tailored financing solutions. We fuel success with a dynamic approach that keeps pace with the ever-evolving needs of today’s businesses.


Elevating entrepreneurs in the GCC.

How it works


Sign up quickly and securely connect your billing, banking and accounting information with us. Our proprietary algorithm will analyze your data and determine the amount of up-front capital you can access.


Approval means you can access up-front capital right away, with just one click and no extra steps.


Our platform matches your repayment schedule to your customers’ payment frequency, ensuring automatic and seamless repayment.



DataDive provides insights on various business metrics such as customer behavior, market trends, and financial performance to help our clients make informed decisions.

CAAS (Capital as a Service)

Our CAAS offering provides revenue-based financing to our clients, allowing them to access the capital they need to grow their business without taking on traditional debt.


PayFlex provides an stress-free and manageable solution for loan repayment, allowing customers to focus on growing their business. It provides control and peace of mind in financial management.

Why Upfront

Shariah Compliant

Our financing solutions are Shariah compliant, providing ethical and responsible financing to you.


Our mobile-first platform provides access to capital in less than 72 hours, helping you receive the funding you need quickly and efficiently.


We offer customized financing solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring that you have the flexibility to grow and succeed.


Our platform provides personalized financial advice and insights based on your data and business model, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your finances for growth.


Yes, we are currently seeking investment to further develop our software and risk engine. Please contact us for more information.

Our platform is powered by a risk engine that takes both traditional and non-traditional data into account when calculating risk scores. This enables us to provide SMEs with the most competitive rates for their individual cases.

Unlike traditional banks, Upfront offers a digital-first platform that provides easy access to capital, personalized financial advice, and a distinctive risk evaluation. We also leverage large language models to provide accurate and relevant financial information to our users.

Creating an account is fast, easy, and free of charge. As part of the onboarding process, you will get information about your current financing limit and financing conditions. Additionally, we provide you with KPIs and additional insights for free. In short: there is no reason not to join the waitinglist!

Upfront is made for all SMEs based in the Middle East who are already generating recurring revenues. Whether VC-backed or bootstrapped, small or large on-demand financing solution works for you.

Upfront offers access to capital in less than 72 hours, providing a rapid and flexible solution for SMEs.

Our unique approach of educating SMEs on their financials helps them deploy the capital in the most efficient way, decreasing the risk of default and ensuring growth for our customers.

Upfront offers personalized financial recommendations and insights, including alerts and reminders for important financial tasks, customized financial reports, and analysis of financial data to identify areas for cost savings or revenue growth.

No, you don’t need to tell your customers and also don’t need to change your invoicing and payment processes.

No, we don’t ask for personal guarantees or equity warrants.

Yes, it is possible to combine Upfront with other forms of funding such as traditional bank loans, venture debt, venture capital or private equity.

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